Phytoplankton Highly Concentred

Highly concentrated mineral suspension with high cell density. Great for feeding and enriching crops of artemia, rotifers, corals, sponges, filtering agents, tridacna clams and other crustaceans. In the same way it can be added to our aquarium to nourish it in combination of other microalgae.



For 100g
Energetic Value
340Kcal / 1421Kj
Total Fats:
8 g
Carbohydrates:31 g
Ash: 16 g
Proteins:34 g
Salt:4,5 g

How to use

The dose varies slightly depending on the amount of organisms you have in your aquarium. It is advisable to increase the dosages weekly, so that for 1000L aquarium you ould have to measure:

2ml/day (First week)
4ml/day (Second week)
6ml/day (Third week)
8ml/day (Fourth week)

You can continue increasing the dose by 2ml each week, in this way you increase the levels of zooplankton and will create the trophic network that interests you and in turn the zooplankton will be the feed for your fish, invertebrates and corals.

In order for the product to be homogeneously dispersed throughout the aquarium, you must always add it close to the pump for high water circulation. Another option would be to add it with a metering pump.

It is better to distribute the feed for the day throughout the day, then it will not be necessary to turn off the protein skimmer and this will lower excess matter in your aquarium, and the organisms that inhabit in your aquarium can be assimilated little by little.