Phytoplankton Life

It provides essential amino acids, fatty acids, high levels of proteins with excellent quality and enzymes for the growth and survival of postlarvae.

The natural movement of the microalgae itself stimulates the predatory behavior of living organisms in our aquarium.


For 100g
Energetic Value
2Kcal / 9Kj
Total Fats:
<0,5 g
Carbohydrates:<0,1 g
Ash:<0,1 g
Proteins:<0,7 g

How to use

Always start with a low dosage and increase gradually depending on the needs of your aquarium.

Add 2 times a week.

Live food is an excellent complement but should be given in very small quantities to maintain the balance between CO2 and O2 content of the water.

It does NOT directly feed fish and corals but increases the amount of zooplankton available and this is consumed by fish and corals (links in the trophic chain).