Phytoplankton Liophilized

Large Flagellate microalgal species with high nutritional value due to the amount of proteins and fatty acids.

They contribute to the development of zooplankton in living rock and improves coloration and growth in the medium to long term in corals. It is also a product especially indicated for the enrichment of zooplankton in general.

For 100g
Energetic Value
340Kcal / 1421Kj
Total Fats:
8 g
Carbohydrates:31 g
Ash 16 g
Proteins34 g
Salt4,5 g

How to use

This lyophilised product has the advantage of being able to be reconstituted quickly and easily, is in small doses and has greater durability.
It should always be kept tightly closed.

A flat teaspoon of freeze-dried phytoplankton should be added to about 500ml of seawater (either from our own aquarium or seawater prepared by yourself). Let it rehydate for about a minute, and then with a domestic mixer we homogenise on average speed for another minute.

Once rehydrated it should be used completely or can be kept frozen for later use. Always freeze avoiding contact with the air, in this way you will avoid that the cells and composition being degraded.

The dose you use will always depend on the amount of organisms you want to feed. In the case of Artemia you will note that the water takes a slightly green color and if in 24 hours the water is not clear you must lower the dose, as in the case of rotifers or copepods.